Core Winner:Be the Winner!

Core Winner is a leading global ISP committed to delivering fast and stable network services worldwide.Our range of services includes cloud and IDC services, network interconnection, and cybersecurity solutions.

In the Asia-Pacific region, we have established 16 network POPs and provide professional cloud services in over 70 countries worldwide.
Whether you need cloud solutions (VPS, CDN), international network interconnection (IDC, SD-WAN), or cybersecurity, Core Winner offers a one-stop quality service, making us a reliable network provider and partner for your needs!


Delivering top-notch network services worldwide, encompassing cloud, IDC, cross-border connectivity, and cybersecurity solutions, to empower enterprises for digital success.


Be the top network service partner for businesses, adding value and driving mutual growth with exceptional expertise and broad service reach.
Cross-border Expansion
Multi-National Interconnection
24/7 Customer Support
Cross-Border Data Center Hosting
Fast, Stable, High-Quality!

Brand Spirit


Our logo design aims to capture the spirit and commitments of Core Winner, embodying multiple symbolic meanings. 
Firstly, "CW" represents the abbreviation of our company name, symbolizing the essence and identity of Core Winner.
Secondly, we have incorporated an implicit image of a cloud, representing the cloud services we provide, showcasing their boundless nature.

Additionally, we subtly integrated the imagery of a tsunami, symbolizing the immense impact and transformative power of the network services we offer.
This design concept imbues our logo with more poetic and symbolic meaning, encapsulating the core values and commitments of Core Winner.




Our Clients Said

Since 2022, Core Winner has conducted semi-annual customer interviews to gather feedback for service improvement.

We appreciate our customers' trust and support, which play a crucial role in shaping our future service enhancements.

Core Winner remains committed to delivering high-quality services and being a trusted long-term partner for our clients.