5. Handling High Traffic

5. FAQ-CDN Static Acceleration
In today's digital economy, the ability to handle high traffic is crucial for website success. CDN static acceleration excels particularly in dealing with sudden surges and sustained high traffic levels. Below, we will detail how CDN optimizes high traffic performance to ensure websites can provide smooth user experiences under any circumstances.

Challenges of High Traffic

During high traffic events such as promotional campaigns, product launches, or major news events, websites may experience sudden influxes of traffic. These peaks can result in service delays or even outages, impacting user experience and brand reputation.

Role & Strategies of CDN

Global Node Distribution

CDN distributes user requests to servers closest to them by deploying multiple data centers globally. This not only reduces the load on individual nodes but also minimizes data transmission delays.

Elastic Scalability

CDN architecture is designed with high elasticity, allowing resources to be dynamically adjusted based on actual traffic. This ensures stable operation even during unexpected traffic spikes.

Intelligent Caching Strategy

Through intelligent caching mechanisms, CDN adjusts caching strategies based on content popularity and update frequency. For frequently accessed content like homepage or popular product pages, CDN enhances their caching priority to ensure quick loading.

Peak Traffic Management

CDN technology can identify traffic patterns and perform appropriate traffic shaping, such as limiting the speed of certain non-critical requests, ensuring core business activities remain unaffected.

Security Reinforcement

During high traffic situations, CDN provides additional security protection such as DDoS defense, safeguarding websites from large-scale attacks attempting to exploit traffic peaks.



These strategies not only enhance website performance during high traffic but also ensure website stability and reliability, thereby boosting customer trust and satisfaction. Through optimized high traffic performance with CDN, businesses can seamlessly handle sudden events, maintain continuous operation, and enhance overall user experience.