Automotive Industry Solution

Solution Introduction

We enhance the online experience for automotive companies across multiple scenarios through data transmission optimization, application optimization, security protection, and networking solutions.

This includes support for marketing platforms like brand websites and self-built e-commerce, as well as management systems like DMS and SCM.

Our services help the automotive industry build more efficient, secure, and reliable internal and external connections, ensuring a robust digital experience.


Solution Features

Enhanced Website Performance

Utilizing our proprietary protocols,
we optimize data transmission to enhance user
experience on external service platforms like brand websites.


Robust Security Measures

We offer sensitive data leakage
protection and shield online systems
from common cyber threats such as DDoS attacks.


Managing High Traffic

Our solutions support automotive companies during major events like new car launches by managing server loads and providing seamless protection against malicious activities.

Efficient Office Operations

We accelerate all transport layer-based applications, including OA, ERP, video conferencing, and dealer management systems (DMS), ensuring efficient operations.

Streamlined Networking

We provide versatile networking solutions tailored for the automotive industry, supporting zero-touch deployment and automated configuration.

Solution Architecture

Architecture Features

We enhance the user experience on automotive service platforms with dynamic content delivery and robust security measures, ensuring a secure environment.
We offer secure, high-speed networking for automotive retailers and HQs, speeding up data transfers for systems like DMS and CRM.
Our WAN optimization techniques, including routing and protocol improvements, boost the efficiency of data transmission, enhancing access to SSL VPNs and business systems.

Application Scenarios

Optimizing Online User Experiences

We boost automotive platforms, enhancing online experiences in browsing, app downloads, and test drive bookings.

Large Event Support

We provide performance and security solutions for major online events like new car launches and member days.

Remote Work System

For automotive companies with multiple branches and frequent traveling staff, we accelerate enterprise office applications to boost work efficiency.

Online Training &
Video Conferencing

Given the wide distribution of sales staff and high training demands in the automotive industry, we offer various solutions for online training and video conferencing.

International Networking
for HQ & Dealers

We offer secure, rapid networking solutions for automotive headquarters, dealerships, and retailers, enhancing the performance of DMS systems and improving cost-efficiency.

High reliability, stability,and security of the global network,
24-hours professional engineering maintenance.