E-Commerce Industry Solution

Solution Introduction

We provide flexible, secure solutions for e-commerce businesses of all sizes, addressing issues like high traffic during major promotions, service unavailability, and fraudulent activities.

Our solutions ensure the safety and stability of e-commerce platforms, enhancing user experience.


Solution Features

Manage E-commerce Peaks Efficiently

We provide vast resource reserves and
scalable capabilities to comfortably manage high traffic
and securitythreats during major e-commerce promotions.


Smooth Browsing Experience

Our solution separates dynamic and static website
content, employs smart caching strategies, and optimizes
the path back tothe source to enhance the e-commerce site experience.


Prevent Malicious Exploitation

By accurately identifying and blocking malicious bot traffic,
we prevent losses from exploitation and enhance operational efficiency.

Support Precise Marketing

With customized logging and data analytics,
we help websites achieve cost-effective and efficient operations.

Solution Architecture

Architecture Features

For challenges like high traffic during flash sales and promotions, our solution flexibly scales bandwidth, employs multiple back-source strategies, and utilizes high-availability mechanisms at origin servers.
This approach helps clients manage surges effectively during promotional events, ensuring excellent user experience and service availability
In the e-commerce sector, common threats include bulk registration of fake accounts, malicious exploitation of promotions, and theft of sensitive user information.
Our solution offers comprehensive protection from network to business security, supporting the healthy growth of e-commerce enterprises.

Application Scenarios

Promotion Period Performance Stability

Implement pre-heating of products during non-promotional periods and smart origin server load management during peak times to alleviate operational stress.

Platform Security Protection

Activate seamless security measures against hacking, malicious orders, and exploitation risks on e-commerce platforms.

Optimizing Online Customer Experience

Enhance the online journey from login to order submission and checkout using routing optimization and proprietary transport protocols for dynamic acceleration.

Cyber Data Protection

Protect rich personal and transactional data on e-commerce platforms, including names, phone numbers, and card information, using WAF to prevent core data leaks due to web attacks.

High reliability, stability,and security of the global network,
24-hours professional engineering maintenance.