Education Industry Solution

Solution Introduction

Leveraging global node resources and expertise in video technology, we provide fast, stable on-demand and live streaming services for online classes, ensuring ultra-low latency and high-definition viewing experiences.

Our solution integrates rich online teaching scenarios and management tools, offering real-time, interactive online classes for students and teachers.
We also provide a one-stop solution for educational institutions to quickly set up interactive online classrooms.

Solution Features

Global Coverage for Smoother Learning

Our high-speed global network
ensureslocal distribution and low-latency
interactions, providing stable educational experiences.


Massive Resources for High Traffic

We handle high concurrency among
students with scalable server solutions;
maintaining stability even with millions online simultaneously.


Enhanced Interactive Teaching Tools

Features like live audio interactions,
roll call, and digital whiteboards enrich
the teaching and management tools available.

Multi-Platform Support

Live streams can be initiated anytime,
anywhere via smartphones, iPads, and web browsers;
enriched with comprehensive APIs and SDKs for seamless integration.

Application Scenarios

Educational Institutions with Existing Online Platforms

For educational institutions, such as education bureaus, distance learning centers, schools, and various online educational organizations, we offer:

  • Enhanced Resource Scaling:Quickly scale resources to meet demand surges and enable smooth video streaming for online classrooms.
  • Simple Integration:Quickly add streaming media capabilities to develop your online classroom system.

 Live Classes

Quickly establish live streaming classes that utilize local streaming to minimize latency and ensure high-definition viewing. The system is equipped with ample bandwidth to handle high user concurrency effectively.

 Recorded Classes

Our user-friendly platform rapidly deploys recorded courses, caches them at edge nodes to ease server load, and provides students with smooth, local access for an optimal learning experience.

 Professional Video Processing

Our platform quickly launches recorded courses, caching them at edge nodes to reduce server load and ensure smooth, local access for students.

Educational Institutions without Online Platforms

For various offline educational organizations without an existing online platform, we offer:

  • Our one-stop solution enables quick setup of online classrooms, supports live streaming from any device, and facilitates an easy transition from offline to online learning.
  • Our platform enhances teaching with interactive tools like live mic, digital whiteboards, and hand-raising, plus efficient online quizzes, grading, and course management.

 Small Group Interactive Classes

Support for 2-13 participants, allowing for in-depth tutoring.

 Online Video Classes

Course recording and upload, live to recorded conversion.

  Live Streaming Classes

Teachers can conduct classes with unlimited student attendance.

 Online School Portal System

A unified portal for managing educational services and administration.

  Conference & Discussion

Real-time audio-video capabilities, educational discussions, and remote tutoring are supported.
High reliability, stability,and security of the global network,
24-hours professional engineering maintenance.