Financial Industry Solution

Solution Introduction

For financial institutions dealing with online services like portal websites, online marketplaces, credit card centers, and market data, facing issues of high concurrency and service unavailability, we provide a one-stop, secure, and compliant acceleration solution.

This solution ensures the safety and stable operation of the online business platform, empowering financial institutions to deliver a superior digital financial service experience.

Solution Features

Stable and High Availability

Our solution optimizes protocols and
adapts intelligently, ensuring reliable,
high-performance financial services and continuous uptime.


Unified Cloud-On-Premise Security

We provide quick, scalable security that combines cloud and
on-premise solutions for targeted, integrated defense,
enabling swift threat response and tailored protection.


Layered Defense

The security protection system spans network, application, and business layers, offering comprehensive security capabilities.

Rapid Access

Integrated acceleration and security protection can be activated instantly, with no need for switching; one-click access without requiring any modifications at the origin server.

Secure Dedicated IP

Customer resources are isolated,
meeting higher security demands.

Solution Architecture

Architecture Features

The solution provides a layered security defense, enhancing user experience, network transmission, and origin protection, integrated with security management.
Utilizing big data analytics and acceleration, it ensures website security, speeds up services, and meets industry regulations and standards for financial clients.

Application Scenarios

Banking and Financial Holdings

For services like bank websites, credit card centers, wealth management, and online banking, the solution offers:

Full-Scale Security: Protects against data leaks, unauthorized access, and web scraping.
Reliable Performance: Ensures stability and handles high traffic with load balancing and customized routing.
Faster Access: Improves website speed across regions using global nodes, smart routing, and optimized content delivery.

Securities and Futures

For the securities industry's market data systems and trading platforms, the solution offers:

Market Data Acceleration: Fast delivery of market information using advanced routing and content optimization.
Trading Stability: Enhances the reliability of trading systems with optimized network protocols and priority access during high traffic periods.
Anti-Scraping Measures: Protects market insights and analytical reports from unauthorized data scraping.

Insurance Finance

For online insurance marketplaces in the insurance industry, the solution offers:

Speed Optimization: Increases search and transaction speeds, improving user experience during peak times.
Information Security: Prevents unauthorized access and theft of sensitive policy and customer data.
Anti-Scraping: Protects against bulk data extraction of insurance product details, maintaining server efficiency.
Traffic Management: Prevents overload on critical interfaces, ensuring continuous service availability.
High reliability, stability,and security of the global network,
24-hours professional engineering maintenance.