Gaming Industry Solution

Solution Introduction

Our solution offers comprehensive security and performance optimization tailored to the gaming industry.

It provides substantial resources for rapid distribution and scalable growth, effectively mitigates high-volume DDoS attacks, and ensures high-quality gaming experiences.


Solution Features

Vast Anti-Attack Resources

With 15Tbps network protection and 800Gbps at critical points,
our system smartly neutralizes DDoS and complex attacks,
ensuring precise malicious traffic filtering.


Worldwide Fast Distribution

Our global node network,with terabyte-level
redundancy,supports quick, scalable game rollouts and
delivers installation packages swiftlyvia private protocols.


Enhanced Gaming Experience

Supports TCP/UDP and major gaming protocols for seamless integration,
instant game data acceleration, and robust anti-jitter capabilities.

Effortless, Rapid Setup

Our solution offers integrated acceleration and security,
ready in seconds with one-click access, requiring no modifications at the source.

Solution Architecture

Architecture Features

Leveraging global node resources and an intelligent scheduling system, our solution easily handles new service areas, version releases, update downloads, and high user traffic.
Our premium BGP network routes minimize latency and enhance the interactive gaming experience.
With 4-7 layer security protection capabilities, our service alleviates concerns about DDoS and web application attacks, ensuring peace of mind for clients.

Global Game Launch

Cross-border network transmission can be complex and unstable. Our global network, spanning over 100 operators, provides reliable internet access for worldwide players, ensuring smooth international game launches.

Game Downloads

Game updates and patches often lead to spikes in download traffic. Our download acceleration significantly increases the speed of game package downloads.

Game Interaction Experience

For real-time interactions within games such as login, trading, combat, and messaging, our TCP-based application optimization technology enhances the responsiveness of dynamic data.

Game Security

Games are frequent targets of ISP tampering and hacker attacks. Our platform provides immediate comprehensive anti-hijacking and security protection for all connections.

Game Marketing and Promotion

For game websites rich in images and video content, our site-wide acceleration technology improves the user experience of promotional pages, enhancing marketing efforts.

High reliability, stability,and security of the global network,
24-hours professional engineering maintenance.