Live Streaming Solutions

Solution Introduction

Our live streaming solution integrates industry-leading technologies such as end-to-end SDKs, video processing, distribution, and real-time audio/video.

ur solution provides a one-stop service for your streaming platform, offering easy access, high-definition, and ultra-low latency. It effectively tackles issues such as lengthy setup times, poor viewer experiences, high concurrency, and security threats, significantly improving the safety and quality of the end-user experience.

Solution Features

Superior Viewing Experience

AI-driven HD technology and
a complete cloud-based H.265 solution
offer superior picture quality at the same bitrate.


Global Coverage & Ultra-Low Latency

Our global network ensures nearby access and
distribution;scalable to support millions of concurrent streams
with millisecond latency, enhancing the live streaming experience.


One-Stop Service

Supports the entire live streaming
process from capture, streaming, real-time processing,
distribution, to playback, all through one seamless integration.

Comprehensive Security Protection

Intelligent content review boosts platform efficiency
and accuracy; safeguards against various network attacks
and prevents spam registrations, intelligently blocking exploitation.

Solution Architecture

Architecture Features

One-Stop Live Streaming Solution for Various Scales:

End-to-End Process Coverage: Easily start live commerce from scratch with complete business workflow integration.
High-Capacity Streaming: Features high concurrency, ultra-low latency, and QUIC streaming technology, ensuring a smooth and interactive live viewing experience.
Seamless Media Processing: Enhances image quality, reduces distribution costs, and includes smart content moderation for compliant operations.
Integrated Security Acceleration: Provides robust protection against spikes in traffic and shields from malicious attacks, facilitating smooth e-commerce operations during high-demand events.

Application Scenarios

Rapid Live Stream Setup

We provide a comprehensive set of services for building live streaming rooms for companies in gaming, e-commerce, social networking, etc.

Our service covers everything from capture, streaming, distribution, to playback, lowering the technical barrier and enabling platforms to quickly launch live streams.

Live Streaming Experience Optimization

Global access through nearby nodes ensures reliability; high-definition and low-bitrate product displays enhance visual quality.

Our system easily handles traffic spikes during major sales events and flash sales, protecting against malicious activities and DDoS attacks.

High reliability, stability,and security of the global network,
24-hours professional engineering maintenance.