Retail Industry Solution

Solution Introduction

Our core technologies and services, including data transmission optimization, security protection, and cloud live streaming, effortlessly address common issues such as high concurrency, service unavailability, and security threats during major online retail promotions.

This support ensures safe and stable operations for various online retail platforms, providing a faster, safer, and more reliable digital experience.


Solution Features

Manage Online Promotion

We effectively handle high traffic
andsecurity threats during major
online events with our scalable resources.

Security Protection

Our services, including DDoS mitigation
and Web Application Firewalls, help retail
businesses smoothly handle network attacks.

Easy for Live Streaming

Our solution streamlines the entire live streaming process from capture to playback, simplifying on-air sales for retail businesses.

High-Speed, Reliable

Our platform uses intelligent node detection combined with private protocols to calculate the optimal data transmission paths, enhancing efficiency.

Visualized Control

A centralized visual management platform simplifies the IT management of multiple retail branches, significantly reducing maintenance and management challenges.


Supports plug-and-play network access,
quickly connecting headquarters and
retail stores without setup.

Solution Architecture

Architecture Features

Optimized Network Access: Utilizes intelligent node detection combined with private protocols to compute the best access paths, enhancing data retrieval speeds.
Scalable Solutions for Peak Demands: Tailors bandwidth expansion, multiple backsource strategies, and high-availability mechanisms to comfortably manage high traffic events, ensuring excellent user experience and operational continuity.
Comprehensive Security Framework: Establishes an in-depth protection system from network to business security, supporting healthy business growth.
Broad Network Coverage: Extends across key cities and regions, covering mainstream network operators, facilitating rapid access for retail outlets nationwide.

Optimizing Websites & Platforms

We boost performance for retail websites and e-commerce platforms, enhancing user experiences from registration to payment.

Promotion Event Assurance

Before promotions and product launches, we pre-warm products and manage traffic to reduce load on servers and ease operational stress during peak times.

Platform Security Protection

We seamlessly activate security measures against hacking, malicious orders, and exploitation to safeguard your platform.

E-commerce Live Streaming Setup

We provide a complete set of live streaming services from capture to playback, reducing the technical barrier and enabling platforms to quickly launch live commerce.

Video Conferencing & Online Training

Considering the retail industry's frequent training needs and the widespread distribution of sales staff, we support multi-person real-time audio-video interactions, as well as cross-regional training and interactive needs for widely distributed employees.

Store Networking

Store employees access headquarters’applications via the intranet; devices like cameras and recorders are managed centrally by headquarters maintenance staff for efficient operation.

High reliability, stability,and security of the global network,
24-hours professional engineering maintenance.