2. Operational Mechanism of Dynamic CDN Acceleration

2. FAQ-CDN Dynamic Acceleration
Before understanding the working principle of CDN Dynamic Acceleration, it's essential to grasp what CDN is. CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is a network of servers distributed across different geographical locations. Its aim is to enhance the loading speed of resources and website performance by storing content on servers closer to users. "Dynamic Acceleration" specifically refers to the technology optimized for real-time generated or frequently changing content.

Intelligent Routing

One of the cores of CDN Dynamic Acceleration is intelligent routing. When a request is initiated, the CDN intelligently selects the optimal path for data transmission based on the user's geographic location, server's current load, and network conditions. This ensures rapid content delivery and maintains website stability under high traffic pressure.

Content Optimization

Simultaneously, CDN Dynamic Acceleration includes content optimization processes. This involves compressing images, minimizing CSS and JavaScript files, and even performing real-time video transcoding. These optimization measures not only speed up content loading but also reduce the size of original data, further enhancing speed.

Load Balancing

Load balancing is also an indispensable part of CDN Dynamic Acceleration. It dynamically distributes traffic among multiple servers, avoiding overload issues at any single point. This ensures that each user obtains the best access speed and improves the overall reliability and availability of the website.

Emergency Origin Pull

When the requested content is not in the CDN cache, the system executes an emergency origin pull operation. This means the CDN connects to the origin server, retrieves the latest dynamic content, and quickly transmits it to the user, while also caching this content for subsequent requests.


Overall, CDN Dynamic Acceleration utilizes advanced caching techniques, data compression, and network optimization strategies to ensure that all dynamic content is accessed by users at the fastest speed possible. Whether it's financial transactions, social media interactions, or online shopping, CDN Dynamic Acceleration provides users with a smoother, more personalized online experience while simultaneously enhancing efficiency and benefits for businesses.