14. Industry Applications|Government & Public Services

14. FAQ-CDN Static Acceleration
Government and public service websites face extremely high traffic and stringent requirements for reliability. Therefore, utilizing CDN static acceleration to enhance service efficiency and security is crucial. This article will explore how CDN static acceleration plays a role in the government and public services sector, ensuring rapid dissemination of information and high availability.

1. Improving Access Speed for Public Information

Government websites often need to disseminate important information to the public, including laws, policy updates, and important announcements. CDN static acceleration ensures that these frequently accessed resources such as policy documents, forms, and announcements are cached on servers close to users, greatly accelerating access speed and response time.

2. Ensuring Stability During Peak Periods

During periods of high demand, such as elections, disaster response, or public health crises, traffic to government websites can surge. Using CDN static acceleration can effectively distribute user access pressure by distributing traffic across multiple nodes globally, ensuring that the website remains stable even under high traffic.

3. Enhancing Website Security Protection

Government information is highly sensitive and must be protected against various cyber attacks and data leaks. CDN provides multi-layer security measures including DDoS protection and TLS encryption to ensure the security and integrity of data transmission on government websites and public service platforms.

4. Supporting Digital Transformation

As the digitization of government services advances, CDN static acceleration helps government agencies effectively manage and distribute digital content such as video lectures, interactive educational materials, and other e-services, accelerating the popularization and convenience of government digital services.

5. Strong Adaptability to Different Environments

CDN configuration and management are highly flexible, allowing adjustments according to specific needs and application scenarios. For example, providing accelerated access services for remote areas or specific populations ensures that all citizens have equal access to high-quality government services.


Through CDN static acceleration, governments and public services can provide fast, reliable, and secure online services, meeting the public's expectations for efficient government digital services. This technology not only improves the performance and availability of government websites but also enhances the protection capabilities of public information, making it an important tool for advancing government digitization transformation.