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💖 <Social Responsibility = Core Winner Commitment> Supporting Young Scholars

April 10,2024
At Core Winnre, we have always been committed to caring for society from multiple angles,
firmly believing that every contribution holds value.

We recognize education as the key to nurturing the future leaders,
thus dedicating ourselves to providing learning opportunities and resources for students.

This year, we donated NT$100,000 to a foundation under the Taipei City Government Education Bureau
to support economically disadvantaged students,
hoping that this contribution will bring positive changes to Taiwanese society.

At Core Winnre we consider supporting education as part of our corporate social responsibility
and alsoas an investment in the future of society.
We believe that the success of a business lies not only in its commercial achievements
but also in its active contribution to society and the world.
Through our donation, we aim to provide more security and stability for underprivileged students in Taipei City,
contributing to the growth journey of these promising students.

As a global network service company, Core Winner's business extends across
Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mainland China, and Japan.

We hope that as our business expands, our charitable activities will also have a global impact,
injecting more hope into the future of the world.