💖Dear Zhang: We have received your letter!

April 11,2024
Dear Zhang,


We at Core Winner Company have received your heartfelt letter, and reading about your enthusiasm for learning and the small joys in life has touched us deeply.
As the new semester begins, it heralds fresh starts, and your academic goals—to improve your penmanship, enhance your writing, and boost your reading skills—fill us with optimism for your future.
We believe every student possesses boundless potential, and with the right resources and support, can truly shine.

The soup dumplings and the school trip to the zoo that you mentioned remind us that there is much to look forward to and discover in life. Whether it's the joy of cuisine or the adventure at the zoo, they all form part of wonderful memories. We're delighted that these experiences have brought you joy, and we look forward to hearing more about your future explorations.

We also take this opportunity to express our gratitude to you and your family. Your determination and courage have inspired us to help others. We're committed to supporting more students through our educational foundation, passing on the torch of love and knowledge to brighten more futures.

Please continue to nurture your passion and curiosity, cherishing every moment of life and every lesson learned. We believe these experiences will become a valuable treasure on your journey of growth.

Lastly, thank you for the joy and inspiration you've brought us. We will continue to follow your growth and progress, and we invite you to keep sharing your stories with us.
Let's all look forward to the next school excursion and to many more joyful times ahead!

Wishing you academic success and happiness every day!

Warm regards,
All of us at Core Winner Company