15. Industry Applications|Government & Public Services

15. FAQ-CDN Dynamic Acceleration
In today's rapidly digitizing society, government and public service sectors increasingly rely on advanced technology to enhance service efficiency and security. CDN (Content Delivery Network) plays a crucial role in this process, particularly in improving service availability and ensuring network security. This article will explore how CDN helps government and public service sectors improve their service performance.

Enhancing Service Availability

Government and public service websites often face challenges of high traffic, especially during major news events or emergencies. CDN helps alleviate this traffic pressure by distributing servers globally, ensuring that websites can quickly respond to user requests even during peak traffic periods. This is crucial for maintaining the continuous availability of government services, especially in providing critical information and services such as taxation, social security, and healthcare.

Strengthening Network Security

With the continuous advancement of cyberattack techniques, government websites and the public services they provide face increasing security threats. CDN not only encrypts data transmission to protect data security on the network but also helps mitigate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks through the distributed nature of its servers. These features ensure that government agencies can maintain normal operations while safeguarding against network attacks.

Optimizing User Experience

CDN technology significantly reduces data transmission time by storing content closer to users, thereby accelerating page loading speed. This is particularly important for improving the experience of citizens using government electronic services. Rapid response times not only enhance user satisfaction but also encourage greater public participation in digital interactions with the government and the community.


CDN plays an indispensable role in enhancing the availability and security of government and public services. By protecting data security, improving service reliability, and optimizing user experience, CDN technology helps government agencies better serve the public, strengthen interactions with citizens, and enhance the overall efficiency of public services. Looking ahead, with the continued advancement of technology, CDN will play an increasingly important role in government and public service sectors.